Midi Triggering

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Midi Triggering

Post by Fireblader »

We have been using Lumidesk for a long time now but we have always triggered the lights manually via the PC but now we want to run our light show via midi from Ableton live.
We have lots of shows already pre programmed using many live action buttons. But while we have no problem triggering sequences/cues via midi, what we really need to do is trigger the live action buttons via midi.
We can see how to trigger them by using a keyboard key shortcut but not via midi. Is there a way to do this ?

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Re: Midi Triggering

Post by lumidesk.support »

Hi Paul!
There is a way to trigger Live action buttons via midi, the way of doing this is holding the shit key while you click the live action button with the mouse, then you will have to press the midi note you are going to use as a shortcut for the live action button. I hope this helps.

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