Odd Calibration for Moving Area with Moving Heads

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Odd Calibration for Moving Area with Moving Heads

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I really need some help here and I don't know where to turn. I am referencing this video for this response. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1byrXoytvQQ. What I am noticing though is when he is moving left to right, mine are as well but with where his cursor is on the lower left quadrant of the square. My lights are not facing forward, they are all turned and somewhat elevated. Almost like they aren't calibrated but I don't know of any way to zero them in better so the graph is more effective. Anything you can suggest would be great. I have 4 of the U'King Moving Head LEDs (standard moving head) nothing complex. I can just never offline program scenes because the lights aren't calibrated the way I need them to be. If they were facing forward and in that lower left square, that would be great. Also when I press the "Center' button to supposedly center my lights. I have 2 hanging upside down (inverted) and 2 on a pedestal. Basically they face straight up when I click 'Center'. Something is definitely wrong here. For my lights to be facing forward in that lower left quadrant, check my screenshot -https://gyazo.com/97cc9820b1b515f35195802421372b9c, I am all the way to the very far left. I don't know what to do to resolve this. Please help somebody. Thanks.


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Re: Odd Calibration for Moving Area with Moving Heads

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What fixture profile are you using with your lights? Do you have a manual for the moving heads you are using that you can send us.

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