Easy Remote: Comments

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Easy Remote: Comments

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I've had a play with easy remote in the last couple of weks and have the following comments.

1. It's cool. I can wander around the theatre and change from one sequence to another from wherever i happen to be
2. It works in an i-phone as well as an i-pad. If a remote screen is designed for an i-pad it will still work on an i-phone. the buttons are just smaller. alternatively when you start to design the screen it will detect an i-phone on the network and give you the native i-phone screen resolution

I do have a few sugegstions.
1. Can we have the option of having the screen in protrait or landscape orientation. sometimes a screen can be more logically laid out in potrait mode.
2. When designing a screen for the i-phone the slider is too big and doesn't work. It also seems not to want to go right to top of the screen (it seemed to only want to go as high as the top of the top most button). Also there is no way of adding a name to it. That would be a pain if you had more than one.
3. When adding buttons and asigning actions to them you get Cue Numbers and Sequence numbers which may not mean much to you if you have re-named them. Can we have the names of the cues/sequences rather than their numbers.
4. Can you get the text on buttons to wrap rather than spilling off the end of the buttons.

Kevin Benstead
Technical Lead
Windlesham Drama Group
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