Wishlist - Deleting and Renaming

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Wishlist - Deleting and Renaming

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Hi all, I am a new Lumidesk user and already a big fan and very happy with my choice.

Although I have only been using Lumidesk for a short while and may need to get used to the way it works; I currently find it far too easy to accidentally delete a sequence or cue instead of adding a new one.
As I have not found an undo function, I am constantly pressing save so that I can rescue a complex scene when I make this mistake.
Please could we have a solution for this - even if it is a warning message to confirm that the delete is intentional?
Perhaps that would be annoying to other users who have become used to the positions of the buttons, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem?

I also find that renaming fixtures and scenes can be frustrating as when you right click on an item to rename, it does not move your selection to this item, but leaves the selection on the previous item.
For example: I have copied a scene but the selection has stayed on the original scene. If I right click the new scene to rename it, the original scene remains selected and gets renamed instead.
So I have to remember to first left click the new scene to select it and then right click it again to rename it???
This is of course a minor issue, but I have made this mistake a number of times as it is does not function in the same way as every other program that I have used?

Cheers all
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