Selecting Live Control Functions

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Selecting Live Control Functions

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I have a question relating to Live Mode:-

Is it possible to set up a button that will switch on and off particular functions of Live Control for a fixture?

Example: We have a laser with 12 channels of DMX control which I like to take over certain functions live sometimes.
This involves me selecting the fixture from Live Desktop and then scrolling up and down to select particular functions (such as rotate, zoom, movement). This is fiddly in a live situation.
I then have to kill these selections to use programmed scenes for the laser (easily done with one button) but then fiddle about selecting them again when I want to take over again.
It would be great to have a Live Action Button that can activate and de-activate particular control functions of a fixture that I would want to take over frequently. Is this already possible?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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